Robert Lee witnessed the horrific bombing of Dresden and it remained a lifelong influence on his work. In 1996/97 he famously produced ‘An Angel for Dresden’ to be hung in the Frauenkirche.



   “This work is a memorial piece in collaboration with Dr. Alan Russell, Chairman of the Dresden Trust, as a contribution to the International Art/Craft collection to be assembled in the Crypt of the Frauenkirche. The Angel is carved in lime wood, painted and distressed, and aims to express the sorrow and suffering of the survivors that I witnessed painfully struggling from the city on the early morning of the 14th of February 1945, St. Valentines Day, which was also Ash Wednesday, most aptly, on that horrific occasion. It is also a tribute to the City of Dresden, a unique architectural centre of European culture that had many English residents in its historic past of the 18th  and 19th centuries. It is my personal tribute in gratitude for the architectural re- education the city provided and my respect for the Saxon people with whom we shared the pain and sorrow of those last months of the Third Reich.”    Robert H. LeeAn image of the "Angel for Dresden" created by Robert H Lee




 Robert Lee was awarded a medal of honour from the people of Dresden in appreciation of his gift of ‘An Angel’ to the Frauenkirche. The medal was collected in Dresden and accepted on his behalf by his wife Thelma and daughters Vanessa, Joanna and Saskia



Side two of the medal presented by the city of Dresden to Robert H Lee
Side one of the medal presented by the city of Dresden to Robert H Lee